Monday, August 8, 2011

Mood Study | “Memory Card Locked”

Hey peeps!

The above mentioned error message appears each time you try to access the pictures stored in your damaged memory card. This error message reflects that your memory card is corrupted and restricts you from accessing the data stored in it. Thus if you want to retrieve all you memory card data you first need to fix the error problem. 

To fix Memory card locked error you can follow the given steps: 

1.Eject the memory card and reinsert it into the camera
2.Rub it with a clean cloth and insert it again
3.If the problem persists then use the same memory card in another digital camera
4.Format the memory card

After formatting the memory card you may loss all the images stored in it. Therefore it is recommended to create a backup file so that you can restore the lost pictures from backup file. If there is no backup file available then the only option left with you is to use third party Memory card recovery software. Numerous memory card recovery software are available in market. You can select any one among them to recover the lost pictures of your corrupted memory card. The software recovers the lost pictures and also resolves error problem related to it.

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