Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Repost - How To Shoot Fireworks with DSLR

Hey peeps!, 

Ramadhan kembali, kini sudah masuk Ramadhan ke 11.. Pasti ramai ingin merakamkan gambar bermain bunga api.. Di sini ada beberapa tips menangkap gambar bunga api yg ingin dikongsikan bersama.

Many people do not have a clue on shooting fireworks. I was that many people until recently. Just want to share some tips with you guys on how to achieve the nice results.

Equipment requires;
1. a DSLR camera.
2. a tripod (the heavier the better)
3. Remote Release (Optional)

Other requirements;
1. Good location
2. Or good friends to book a very good location for you (I prefer this one :) )

Pre settings
1. change to manual focus mode.
2. put the lens focus to infinity
(with these two done, you will not loose time from camera searching for focus)
3. put on Manual Exposure mode.
4. with ISO 100, I recommend Shutter speed = 6-8 seconds and Aperture = F6-F8
5. mount your camera to the tripod and make sure it's steady.
6. if you know where the fireworks are going to be then, aim at that location.

1. your ears will be your eyes. once you hear the shooting noise press the shutter release or use your remote. If you are further away then, you might need to time your shoots
2. leave your camera until it's done expose. (6-8 sec as you program it). For the first few shots you might need to re-adjust your position quickly, also quickly check the results and adjust the aperture value.
3. if there are a lot of big fireworks in the middle of your shots, you might need to use your lens cap to close the lens for awhile, the picture might turn up Over exposed.
4. again, hope for the best.

source : Gun

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